Our Caring & Compassionate Veterinary Team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Aldergrove Animal Clinic in Barrie. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets! Please call us at (705) 726-5031 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!


  • Dr. Virginia Cornell 2

    Virginia Cornell, DVM

    Dr. Cornell joined the Aldergrove team after completing an Internship in Small Animal…


  • Dr. Candice Hibbs

    Candice Hibbs, DVM

    Dr. Hibbs graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2010. Since then, she has…
  • Dr. Heather Lacey2

    Heather Lacey, DVM

    Dr. Lacey joined the clinic in March 2012. She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary…
  • Dr. Meakings

    Lauren Meakings, DVM

    Dr. Meakings joined the Aldergrove team in February 2017. After graduating from the…
  • Default Image

    Moira Trant, DVM

    2008 was her 30th class reunion marking her graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College…

    Office Manager

  • Default Image

    Amanda Latanville

    Amanda joined our team in April 2008 as a kennel attendant and from there moved to…


  • Jenna Mansbridge

    Jenna Mansbridge

    Jenna is attending Innisdale secondary school and started working at Aldergrove animal…
  • Roxyandnancy

    Nancy Macpherson

    Nancy started at Aldergrove on October 31st 2016. She has administrative background is…
  • Sarah Neill

    Sarah Neill


    Lead Technician

  • Default Image

    Sarah Warnica, RVT

    Sarah joined the Aldergrove team in 2005. After graduating Seneca College in 2004, she…

    Veterinary Technician

  • Kelly Ottaway

    Kelly Ottaway , VT

    Kelly started working at Aldergrove Animal Clinic on a volunteer basis in 2006 and was…
  • Krista Bishop

    Krista Bishop, VT

    Krista joined Aldegrove in September 2013. She is a high school graduate who plans on…
  • Melissa Brown

    Melissa Brown, RVT

    Melissa joined the Aldergrove team in 2012. Melissa gratuated from the technicain program…
  • Nicola Abraham

    Nicola Abraham, VT

    Nicola's interest in the veterinary field began when she started working at a small animal…

    Clinic Operations

  • Kathryn Grant

    Kathryn Grant, VT

    Kathryn was born and raised here in Barrie. She grew up in a large family and has made…

    Kennel Attendants

  • Emiley Stock

    Emiley Stock

    Emiley is currently in grade 11 at Eastview Secondary High School in Barrie. Emiley has…
  • Emilyfarrar

    Emily Farrar

    I am Emily currently a grade 12 student at bear creek secondary school. I am hoping to go…
  • Emily Newton

    Emily Newton

    Currently Emily is in grade eleven at Innisdale Secondary High School in Barrie . She has…
  • mackenzieandlucky

    Mackenzie Smyth

    I am 16 years old I have lived in Barrie all my life and I attend Innisdale Secondary…
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    Nicola Wenn

    Nicola recently joined our team in June 2012 after doing her highschool co-op in the…
  • Taylor Priest

    Taylor Priest

    Taylor joined the Aldergrove staff in January of 2016. She is currently a grade 11 student…